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New Years Flash Sale: 50% Off Flirt Harder + 3 BONUS trainings

Flirt Harder: The Art of Creating Attraction

This New Year, get 50% off, and master the art and skill of flirting once and for all. It's about damn time.  Your future dates thank you.  

This regular price of this course is $1,444.  Get 50% off ($722) through 6pm PST on January 2nd. PLUS 3 new bonus trainings: How to meet dates on Instagram, how to build social network, and EFT for attracting love. 

Week 1: Stepping into your flirtatious identity.

Module 1: Attraction Fundamentals and Principles

Module 2: Flirtation Functionalities and Energetics

Week 1 is all about laying out the energetic foundation so you can understand what flirting actually is, and step into your own "flirting flavor". We'll cover the energetics of attraction, flirtation, and sexuality. We'll tune into the practices of play, presence, and imagination, and we'll explore how to invite sexual tension into social dynamics. 

Week 2: Setting the stage and going off script.

Module 3: Flirting Scene Analysis Part 1

Module 4: Flirting Scene Analysis Part 2 and Playbook Primer

Module 4B: Flirting Playbook: 25 Ways to Flirt

Week 2 is all about the tools and the strategy that will help you express interest confidently and creatively so that you can get out of your head and fully enjoy yourself in the moment. We'll cover the basic and advanced elements of building rapport / connection and creating conversations that pops. We'll cover a full menu of strategies for introducing flirtation into any situation, and we'll cover flirting scene analyses from your favorite shows and movies so that you'll understand what these strategies look like in action. This is when your understanding of flirting will click!

Week 3: Are you flirting with me? It takes 2 to tango, and the art of asking someone out.

Module 5: Reading feedback part 1

Module 6: Reading feedback part 2

Week 3 is all about playing off of and with your flirting partner, and learning how to move things forward. We'll cover how to read feedback so that you can tell if someone is flirting with you, how to build on signals from the other person (picking up what they're putting down), how to pace flirtation (based on the feedback you perceive), turn up the volume on attraction, "up the ante," and ask someone out. 


Week 4: Let's get physical (and digital)!

Module 7: Creating physical rapport, flirty touch, & escalating to kiss

Module 8: Demystifying the art of flirting via text

Week 4 is when we turn up the heat and get physical.  We'll be covering physical escalation, working with body language, and introducing touch. We'll cover best practices for introducing physicality in both a Covid and non-Covid context. We'll demistify the art of flirting via text, and we'll cover flirting across all digital platforms. 

PLUS 3 new bonus trainings: How to meet dates on Instagram, how to build social network, and EFT for attracting love.